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2013 NY Audio Show, NY Palace Hotel, Images From Beauty Of Sound Room

Our showing at the 2013 NY Audio Show was a resounding success! From the venue, The NY Palace Hotel, to the fantastic articles written about our products, we couldn’t be happier. Please take a few minutes to read the posts about our products below and please visit our video section to see another great interview about our room at the show (At the bottom).

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Praise From Positive Feedback & Bruce Kinch 2013 NY Audio Show

“The sound was superbly smooth, clean, spacious, dynamic, as good as I've ever heard at any show," High praise indeed!!


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Having had the base level High Fidelity Cables in my system, I did hope to hear some under show conditions. That led me to the Beauty of Sound/Laufer Teknik room, where the top line CT-1 Ultimate cables were used throughout. I don't think one can really evaluate cabling at a show, but no way they were a weak link here. The components were all new to me: Ikeda cartridge and arm from Japan, 200 lb Triangle Art Signature turntable from the US, Tube Guru electronics (phono, preamp, 14 wpc 6C33C SET amplifier, from Hungary), full range Leonardo Model 8 planar ribbon dipoles from Italy. These guys were precise and obsessive about set-up, cables off the floor, diffusers behind the speakers to disperse the back wave, Stillpoints all around, including the LPI weight on the turntable. The sound was superbly smooth, clean, spacious, dynamic, as good as I've ever heard at any show, and I probably spent more time in that room than any other, out of pure pleasure. I may never have anything like $200K to spend on an audio system like this one, but it was a true lottery-motivating experience.

Ikeda Kai Moving Coil Cartridge At 2013 NY Audio Show

From Analog Planet

NY Audio Show 2013
Ikeda Sound Labs Kai Reference Moving Coil Cartridge On Display at New York Audio Show
By Michael Fremer • Posted: Apr 16, 2013
The Ikeda Sound Labs KAI MC cartridge mounted on an Ikeda tone arm, itself mounted on a chrome-y looking Triangle Art Signature turntable appeared at the New York Audio Show in the Beauty of Sound room.
The hand assembled cartridge features an Aluminum body with base and top plate of Titanium. It features a boron cantilever and with ultra low 2.6 ohm impedance, few turns of coil wire, resulting in ultra-low .19mV output. In other words, you'd better use either a very good step-up transformer or an ultra-low noise all electronic MC phono preamp. Cost is $7500.
The Ikeda arm costs $6500, while the Triangle Art Signature Turntable goes for $12,500.

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Another Green World, TubeGuru A Great Value For Audiphiles

NY Audio Show 2013
Another Green World
By Art Dudley • Posted: Apr 15, 2013
NYAS 2013 4
Suggesting that a $10,000 amplifier might represent decent value for the money is, when done within earshot of the most aggressive audiophiles, not unlike dropping the soap in the prison shower; nevertheless, the snappily named 6C33C SE amp from the Budapest firm Tube Guru, the price of which breaks the five-figure barrier by one penny, impressed me as a good buy for what it is. And what it is is a handmade all-tube stereo power amp that gets 14Wpc from its nominal indirectly heated power triodes. The 6C33C SE, which is imported by Beauty of Sound, sounded shockingly good driving the planar-plus-ribbon Model 8 loudspeakers ($65,000 per pair) from Leonardo Audio, the latter imported by Laufer Teknik.

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Ikeda Tonearm Sighting at 2013 NY Audio Show

NY Audio Show 2013
Ikeda Tonearm Sighting
By Art Dudley • Posted: Apr 15, 2013
NYAS 2013 5
Beauty of Sound also imports and distributes Ikeda tonearms and phono cartridges, used at the show in tandem with a Triangle Art Signature turntable ($12,500). Seen here are the Ikeda IT-407 arm ($6500) and Kai cartridge ($7500); I have in hand a review sample of the former, and will report on it soon. Also in the Beauty of Sound system but not seen here were the Tube Guru all-tube Reference Phono preamplifier ($5400) and Rick Schultz’s High Fidelity cables, which, I’m told, use a patented magnetic signal-transfer technology. Sadly, the aforementioned Leonardo loudspeakers, which sounded great, proved too glossy and black for my camera.

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Stereophile : "It was like heading to Heaven"

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Or here it is, taken directly from their site:

Beauty of Sound
By Jason Victor Serinus • Posted: Mar 15, 2013
If you value smoothness and liquidity, the eye-catching system from Beauty of Sound and KT Audio Imports was to fall in love with. Playing Aaron Neville's aptly named LP Warm Your Heart, the sound was so warm, sweet and mellow, and the presentation so beautiful and spacious, that it was a challenge not to feel as though I had died and gone to heaven.
Then again, given how many rooms I had left to cover before show's end, heading straight to heaven certainly seemed like a viable alternative to an exponentially accelerating case of AXPONA angst.
The room was a bi-coastal affair. KT Audio Imports, located in Torrance, CA, supplied the eye-catching Triangle Art Signature turntable ($12,500) which was playing, as well as the more expensive Reference turntable ($16,500). They also provided the Triangle ART TA-1 record clamp ($800)
Beauty of Sound, located in East Greenbush, NY, provided, from Ikeda, the IT-407CRI 12" tonearm ($6500) and Kai moving-coil cartridge ($10,000) that I heard, as well as the TubeGuru ECC808 MM/MC phono preamp ($4400), Kaplan Cable GS Mk.II 1.5m interconnect ($1395) and 6' power cord ($1695), Slagle step-up transformer w. silver wiring ($2500), and Pi uberBUSS w/Furutech Cu receptacles ($1400). The music supplied the rest.

AV Showrooms Review the Tiangle Art Turntable & Ikeda Tonearm

AV Showrooms gave us stellar reviews at AXPONA this year. We are excited for everyone to learn more about them.

Watch the entire review at AV Showrooms or visit our video section!, scroll down toward the bottom.

Absolute Sound Listens to Our Products!

“The Beauty of Sound/KT Audio Imports collaboration room had a tremendous display, with more glass and chrome than I’m used to seeing in one place. I was mesmerized by all the reflections. The Triangle Art turntables, including the Reference ($16,500) and the Signature ($12,500), are big hunks of liquid metal. The Ikeda IT407CR1 12” tonearm ($6,500) and Ikeda Kai moving coil cartridge ($10k), were feeding signals into a Tube Guru ECC 808 phono preamp ($4,400), in turn connected to electronics from NAT Audio, including a Magnetostat “Reference Vacuum Tube Line Stage” ($17,490) and a pair of Magma monoblocks ($44,990/pair). That latter features a stunning-looking 450 vacuum tube, good for 160wpc of single-ended, Class-A power. Phobos loudspeakers from Eventus Audio ($19,500), here in complementary silver finish, made all the music. And sweet music it was. Kaplan Cables, a Slagle Step-Up transformer, and a Pi Audio uberBUSS rounded out the system.”

Said Scot Hull AXPONA 2013 - PART 4
Mar 19th, 2013


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