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There are many schools of thought when it comes to what cables to select for your audio equipment. We are firm believers that the quality of cables matter. They can make mediocre sound great, uncover things in the music you have never heard and ensure that the signals traveling between your high end components is on par with the equipment itself. We would encourage you to ask a Ferrari owner whether he/she would run regular unleaded gas in such a precision machine. That is the automotive equivalent to using generic cables. We have hand chosen a stable of precision cable makers, all of whom will help ensure that your system sounds it’s best.

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Purist Audio Design

Purist Audio Design is continually working on cable designs to immerse the audiophile in the joy and passion of music.

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Kubala - Sosna Cables

Sound engineering—just listen!

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Kaplan Cables

Kaplan Cable employs sound engineering principles proof-tested by critical listening.

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High Fidelity Cables

"High Fidelity Cables render music with a noticeably improved clarity. It starts here as clarity is the key feature to quality audio reproduction"

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Audio Magic "The Natural" Cables

Audio Magic proudly introduces a new product line called "The Natural".

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