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Stillpoints Ultra Mini

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Stillpoints Ultra SS

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Stillpoints Ultra 5

Stillpoints are a very unique design within the audio industry. They are in short bi-directional isolation devises for your components. Stillpoints take the micro-vibrations that occur in all audio components and helps dissipate them, enhancing your audio listening experience. Each still point has no vertical path through the device, helping to eliminate those vibrations even further. Stillpoints work in the 100-nano second and down range, the most harmful and disruptive vibrations within an audio system. Experience audio resolution like never before! Music becomes more expressive and dimensional.

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Stillpoints Ultra 6

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Stillpoints Ultra 6

Stillpoints Ulta 6, the "King" of all Stillpoints; the Ultra 6 with 6 total pockets of technology. As great as the Ultra 5 is, the 6 takes the improvements to another level. Everything is vastly improved-bigger, wider soundstage; more low-end impact and a much more realized three-dimensionality that makes each recording sound that much more believable.

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Stillpoints Ultra Base

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Stillpoints Ultra LPI

Preliminary Information

Size 22” x 22” x 3 1/8” deep
Weight: 14 lbs

The standard combinations are:
- Black walnut frame with black screen
- Cherry frame with cream screen
- Light oak frame with cream screen
As a special order, the following can be provided:
- Different frame and color screen combinations
- Different wood choices
Different color screen (see below)

The front screen can also be printed with any image you desire. A removable inset panel with a Stillpoints or customer supplied image can be added to any panel for an additional cost at initial purchase or retrofitted in the future.

Also, Stillpoints supplied prints from Simon Marsh Collection are available for an additional cost. Simon Marsh Photography is on display in every issue of HiFi+ magazine. See below for examples of the Simon Marsh prints currently available (additional prints to come).

USA Retail Prices

Standard Apertures
$650 for all standard Apertures and any combination of standard frame colors and standard screen colors. (i.e. Cherry with black screen). Stock products.

Add Your Own Artwork Apertures
The permanent internal screen can be printed with your custom high resolution files for $185 extra.
The removable external screen can be printed with your custom high resolution files for $225 extra.

Simon Marsh Collection Apertures
Any of the Simon Marsh Collection prints, shown below, may be purchased in either of 2 ways:
Permanent internal placement: $185 extra
Removable external placement $225 extra

Stillpoints Aperture Room Treatment
Still points Aperture are room acoustics panels that are placed strategically in the listening room. They make your wall virtually disappear with a far greater degree of resolution and layering of the soundstage.

Please call at 518-852-9183 or email us for more information....

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