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“The Beauty of Sound/KT Audio Imports collaboration room had a tremendous display, with more glass and chrome than I’m used to seeing in one place. I was mesmerized by all the reflections. The Triangle Art turntables, including the Reference ($16,500) and the Signature ($12,500), are big hunks of liquid metal. The Ikeda IT407CR1 12” tonearm ($6,500) and Ikeda Kai moving coil cartridge ($10k), were feeding signals into a Tube Guru ECC 808 phono preamp ($4,400), in turn connected to electronics from NAT Audio, including a Magnetostat “Reference Vacuum Tube Line Stage” ($17,490) and a pair of Magma monoblocks ($44,990/pair). That latter features a stunning-looking 450 vacuum tube, good for 160wpc of single-ended, Class-A power. Phobos loudspeakers from Eventus Audio ($19,500), here in complementary silver finish, made all the music. And sweet music it was. Kaplan Cables, a Slagle Step-Up transformer, and a Pi Audio uberBUSS rounded out the system.”

Said Scot Hull AXPONA 2013 - PART 4
Mar 19th, 2013


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