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Steve Marsh Review of Bastanis Prometheus from 6Moons

…."The allure of these designs is two-fold. The full-range driver runs straight off the amplifier and thus needs no crossover by definition. This eliminates the time and phase-related distortions that are often introduced by crossovers. Once you've heard the purity of a full-range driver, it's hard to go back to the typical multi-driver speakers that dominate high-end showrooms. Secondly and as panel speaker advocates know well, the lack of a speaker cabinet eliminates colorations associated with cabinet resonances and provides a more open and spacious soundstage."….

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Review By Clive Meakins of Bastanis Prometheus mkII from

…."These loudspeakers are different. It is not just because they are kits or that you have considerable scope to tailor their looks to your taste. It is more due to their being an open baffle design which means they are not just yet another variation of a couple of drive units in a box. In addition they are much higher sensitivity than most loudspeakers…..

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Download the full Technical Spec Sheet PDF:
Bastanis Specs

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