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The Tellus offers three dedicated ground points. This allows for up to a maximum of six ground cables to be simultaneously attached to the ground station. Until the introduction of our Silver Tellus, the Tellus was our reference product for many many years. Its ability & capacity to lower the noise floor, when used with our dedicated ground cables, can be quite incredible.

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Silver Tellus

The Silver Tellus has four dedictaed outlets and can handle up to eight devices. In addition to the enhanced design of the Silver Tellus, it also includes 30% more Silver in its specialist mineral mix. All of these advancements have resulted in a significant improvement in the effectiveness of the Silver Tellus to reduce noise in any hifi system to vanishing levels.

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Atlantis Tellus

When looking to extend the performance of our Silver Tellus we looked at developing a new product from the ground up. After extend testing we can now proudly present the Atlantis Tellus. The Atlantis Tellus has only one outlet and is more of a "supercharger" to the Silver Tellus rather than a stand alone ground box (Atlantis can not be used on its own). The Atlantis, with its 10mm solid silver connector, silver conductors, plates and all new mineral mixture - delivers exactly the solution required of our design brief : darker backgrounds, even quiter noise floor, leading to a more natural, airy detailed sound. The Atlantis should be placed on top of the Silver Tellus and connected with a special dedicated cable ( this is included with the Atlantis). For those using an entire Entreq cable loom the Atlantis also increases the capacity of Silver Tellus thus allowing more ground cables to be attached without loss or compromise of performance.

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Olympus are our new top model of the Mini Groundboxes. The weight is 9 kilo and it have one input made of silver. Olympus are primary designed for ground preamps and DAC. But it also do a very good job grounding our cables and Cleanus line. The most significant difference in performance comparing Silver Minimus is more texture and air in the low frequence. Like our other boxes it´s made of Oak, but with Olympus you can also order it in dark Oak.

Energy Transforming Equipment

Ground Boxes

For us a clean and effective ground point is one of the most important factor's in ensuring the best possible sonic platform for any hifi system!

We all generally understand the basic principles about the importance of good earthing/grounding as well as a clean feed for our electrical supply. Whether that be from the simple perspective of safety or in the case of music lovers, a pure un-interupted signal for our sensitive electronics to operate optimally.

Please call at 518-852-9183 or email us for more information....

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Olympus Tellus

Olympus Tellus have a weight of 45 kg, 6 inputs for grounding + a separate input for connection with wallsockets ground. Olympus Tellus have same sonic signature as Olympus. Deep and massive low frequence but still with air and texture

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The Minimus has only a single dedicated ground point. It's capacity is generally limited to either a couple of dedicated ground cables, to ground your equipment, or for the use with our own signal cables. This can be with our digital, USB, analogue or speaker cables. Please seek the advise of your retailer - distributor on specific applications & optimisation of our products.

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Silver Minimus

The Silver Minimus, like its sibling the Minimus, has only 1 outlet. However it encorporates the same enhancements and mineral mix as the Silver Tellus. Thus offering a signicantly more effective grounding than the standard Minimus. Even a brief exposure to the Silver Minimus will quickly validate its benefit. Whether used solely for grounding or with our cables.

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Atlantis Minimus

The Atlantis MinimUs works in the same fashion as its bigger brother the Atlantis Tellus i.e it provides a cleaner and more stable grounding platform to a current Entreq grounding box. This both boosts capacity, as well as performance, to an already established Entreq grounding system. Just like its bigger brother the Atlantis Tellus - the Atlantis MinimUs comes supplied with a short & specifically designed umbilical cable( this is included in the purchase of the Atlantis MinimUs) that allows you to connect directly on to the back of one of our dedicated grounding box's. The Atlantis MinimUs is ideally used to enhance the performance of a Silver MinimUs. The Atlantis MinimUs is not a stand alone ground box and should NOT be used in this way. Unlike other Entreq products, where experimenting is positively encouraged, both Atlantis Tellus & MinimUs should be used in a specific fashion to obtain the best results from an already established Entreq grounding system.

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