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Synergistic Research HFT & FEQ
(high frequency transducers & frequency equalizers)

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HFT Placement Example 1
(there are multiple placement options depending on your needs)

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HFT Placement Example 2
(there are multiple placement options depending on your needs)

Synergistic Research HFT's

- Tunes acoustics, chassis and speaker cabinet resonance
- Expands soundstage height, width and depth
- Extends & clarifies high frequencies
- Dramatically improves low freq. extension / bass control
- Lowers noise floor for improved inner detail & micro dynamics
- Significantly improves all aspects of system performance
- Sold with an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee

Synergistic Research
At Synergistic Research we focus on a total system approach to create synergy in your system. All aspects of performance are taken into account and because there's more to synergy than just cables, we've developed some of the world's most innovative solutions like our PowerCell line conditioners and Acoustic ART room treatments and MiG resonance control footers. Of course audio cable and power cords are one of the biggest contributors to system performance second only to room acoustics so we pioneered several ground breaking technologies like Active Shielding with air dielectrics and custom tunable cables with Enigma Tuning Circuits to get you closer to the music than ever before.

Please call at 518-852-9183 or email us for more information....

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Tranquility Base XL, Tranquility Base & Tranquility bāsik
- Actively improves the performance of any component placed atop a Tranquility Base
- Allows common furniture to perform like the best audiophile grade furniture
- Improves state-of-the-art isolation racks significantly
- A game changer for modest components transforming them to near state-of-the-art
- Transforms state-of-the-art components dramatically. This has to be heard to be believed
- Easily auditioned and demonstrated with repeatable results
- Improves audio AND video
- Cost effective
- Outperforms state-of-the-art $10,000+ isolation platforms and racks
- Delivers game changing performance to common non audio furniture
- A significant upgrade when paired with the best isolation racks and platforms
- Tranquility Base XL is a direct replacement for shelves on large Grand Prix racks and amp stands
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