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Ikeda IT-407 Tonearm

Triangle Art Signature

Tourbillon Turntable

Audience Power Conditioner

Audio Desk Vinyl Cleaning System

TubeGuru 300

Bastanis Open Baffle 1

Kubala-Sosna Cables

Bastanis Open Baffle 2

M2 Tech Interface

Exclusive US Distributor for: TubeGuru Amps & PreAmps

Authorized Dealer for: Ikeda Tonearms, Cartridges & Cables

Exclusive US Distributor for: Bastanis Loudspeakers & Cables

Beauty of Sound…….

We are a small organization located in Upstate New York that specializes in high-end two-channel audio. We are only concerned with the sonics of each particular component. Others worry about what sells best, but we are after what will make you happy over the long haul. We have listened to many components and have come up with those offered here. Most are not the names that audiophiles are familiar with, simply because those products didn’t excite us. In the end we have to be excited about the products that we sell to you. After all, we’re audio lovers first, and retailers of components a distant second.

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