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At Beauty of Sound we hand pick the products we offer so that we can guarantee that they match up perfectly with the other products we offer. Loudspeakers are arguably the very reason we take this philosophy. Because we specialize in tube audio, we concentrate on offering speakers that are as close to that “perfect match” with our amplifiers and other equipment. The greatest arbiter is of course the sound you hear when you listen to your system, but you must first take in to account efficiency, soundstage, your listening space and many other factors prior to getting there.

We offer 2 distinct speaker designs, that after years of careful testing and listening, we think the absolute best sounding loudspeaker experience. Our picks are unique, but we assure you of the difference in quality you will hear!

Leonardo Loudspeakers

Leonardo Speakers were born in the name of a great Italian man, beautiful workmanship, the best in technology and invention! We are an Italian company, so design is one of our founding tenants. We are a small company, and we make most of our products by hand, with love and pride.

We started in 2011, but our knowledge and know-how dates back more than 25 years. We started in 1984 making experiments on dipolar radiation in rooms, using conventional cone speakers mounted on a baffle. A few years later we pioneered the technology of true ribbon mid-tweeters with the culmination of making a ribbon loudspeaker in 1994.

Through the years we have honed the reliability and sensitivity of the ribbon loudspeaker, reaching 93dB. In 2009 the revolutionary ribbon-planar woofer was born. This reaches the same sensitivity of the ribbon mid-tweeter, thanks to patent pending concepts. At last in 2011 we began partnering with Extreme Audio, the well-known Italian company with tremendous experience making and distributing loudspeakers of high technological, musical and aesthetic value.

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Bastanis Loudspeakers
Exclusive US Distributor

Bastanis speakers got their foothold in the DIY community, with adventurists building their own cabinets and baffles out of various types of lumber. The sky is the limit on design shapes and wood types. Baltic birch is the most popular type of wood for this project as some think it’s acoustic properties are superior to other types of wood.

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