Orb Audio

Unlike many DAC manufacturers, ORB have taken a different path by not using the same old DAC chip seen in other DACs, instead they are relying on a Japanese made DAC from Asahi Kasei, and this chip can handle data rates up to 24bit/192kHz. Which means, the optical and coaxial inputs are 24bit/192kHz capable, and the USB port 24bit/96kHz.

Along with the digital inputs, there is a line level input to feed a legacy device into the headphone amplifier, an amplifier capable of driving 600ohm headphones with ease.

Finally, the USB port on the front panel can be used to playback music files from a USB stick, with capacities reaching the sky these days, the ORB can be your only music source as well.
This is an excellent sounding DAC that renders vocals with a natural smoothness that is free of glare or edge.


Load Impedance of Headphone Amplifier 16 ~ 600
Input Sensitivity / 2V/47k impedance
16 load rated output 1100mW + 1100mW
Load 32 560mW + 560Mw
Load 64 280mW + 280mW
Load 300 60mW + 60mW
Load 600 30mW + 30mW
Frequency Response 20Hz ~ 20kHz +0 dB,-0.5dB, fs = 44.1kHz (EIAJ)
USB 0.018% total harmonic distortion below, fs = 44.1kHz (EIAJ)
0.018% or less optical, fs = 44.1kHz (EIAJ)
Coaxial below 0.018%, fs = 44.1kHz (EIAJ)
RCA 0.004% or less, fs = 44.1kHz (EIAJ)
S/N over 127dB Hi, fs = 44.1kHz (EIAJ)
More than 120dB Dynamic Range, fs = 44.1kHz (EIAJ)
Output Impedance
Headphone output (standard stereo jack φ6.3)
Dimensions 238W × 317D × 96H mm
Weight approx 4kg

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