The Memory Player

The best digital playback device that I have ever heard. Nothing else is needed to play back your favorite cd rips, hi-res files or thumb drives. Simply connect the Memory Player to your amplifier and listen to glorious jitter-free playback. I am listening to cd's that I had essentially thrown to the scrap heap because they sounded so bad fifteen and twenty years ago. I had no idea that they sounded so good. It is not the cd that is bad, it's the DAC, CD player or other devices used for playback. The engineers of the Memory Player have focused on eliminating the one thing that kills the sound of digital playback, jitter! Listen for yourself by calling for an appointment to hear this amazing device.


- Analog Inputs and Outputs
- One pair of D2D (DAC) analog outputs, True Balanced output directly out of the DAC chip to XLR and RCA outputs (RCA outputs are not balanced).
- Output Impedance: 10 Ohms. Direct drive of any power amplifier from 5,000 Ohms to 1,000,000 Ohms input.
- Analog Audio Output Voltages: 1.5 VAC in RCA, 3 VAC in XLR.
- Subwoofer and/or Woofer Outputs (for Bi- and Tri-amplification): Up to 4 VAC are available on the dongle in RCA and XLR True Balanced.
- Analog Inputs (for digitizing LPs and other analog sources, live recording, or as a preamp for line level sources): Four Inputs, RCA or XLR (balanced).
- Dynamic Range: 144dB (less in lower bit depths).
- Frequency Response: 10hz to 215khz (Note: Lower sample rates limit the high frequency response).
- Input Impedance is 24,000 ohms.
- Analog Input Performance (Analog Inputs, Digitizing Analog, LPs, recording Internet or FM Radio or live recording)
- Frequency Response: 0 - 192 kHz, ± 0.05 dB.
- Dynamic Range: 144 dB, A-wtd.
- Signal-to-Noise: 116 dB, A-wtd. 144dB at 64/192.
- Weight & Dimensions 35 lbs. - 17" W x 6" H x 18.75" D
- Digital I/O
- AES/EBU or SPDIF format, XLR connectors on Sync Cable, BNC on clock out.
- Sample Rates : 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz, 176 kHz and 192kHz
- Bit Depths: 64, 32, 24, and 16 bit audio types, if played using the D2D DAC, or digitally out, IF a third party DAC supports 64 bit audio. If your DAC runs at a lower bit rate than 64, our Sample Rate Converter automatically detects your DAC’s resolution, and downsamples and dithers it to ANY bit depth, if required.
- Clock Rates: 44.1 kHz to 768 kHz, including all standard rates with variable adjustment.
- On-board Digital Mixer (for recording or digitization)
- Resolution / Dither: For digitizing analog up to 64/192, please keep dither enabled for digitizing LPs.
- Monitor Mixing: Any input to multiple outputs.
- Metering: Peak levels to -120 dB on all inputs and outputs.
- Dongle Connections
- Audio Port: Bracket-mounted 25-pin female D-sub connector for low frequency analog audio input only (Bi- and Tri-amping or subwoofers). DO NOT USE THIS FOR AUDIO OUTPUT (see note above)!
- Clock Sync Dongle: Bracket-mounted 15-pin high-density female D-sub connector for digital input and output, sync in and out (for clock synchronization with external DACs).
- Cables (included)
- Base and/or subwoofer analog output, digital output, balanced and single ended, RCA and XLR. Clock output and clock input, and clock synchronization using BNC. BNC to RCA or XLR output connectors are available.
- Certifications: CE and FCC Class B.

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