Audience Power Conditioners

Power conditioners are one of the most essential components in a high quality audio system. At the same time, they are also one of the most misunderstood in terms of their benefit and function. As with most other major components like amplifiers and speakers, there are many approaches to to their design and ultimate effectiveness. Audience believes that improving the audio performance of your system, rather than just protecting or isolating it, should be the primary goal of the power conditioner.

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Current / Voltage:
15A or 20A/120V, 220V, 230V, 240V
Power Outlets:
6 Hubbell high conductivity power receptacles
Made for all countriesDimensions:
10.5”W x 4.75”H x 8.25”D
aR6: 9.8 lbs/4.5kg
aR6-TS: 11.1lbs/5kg
Grained and satin anodized aluminum Silver or Black
aR6: $3,495.00 USD
aR6-TS: $5,000.00 USD
Made in USA
Main Power Cord Included:
Standard 6 ft. 10 AWG powerChord by Audience with Neutrik 20A PowerCon® and Marinco power connectors.

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