Purist Audio Design

We design each product with the end goal of connecting you to the music. What's remarkable about our cables is their silence. Purist Audio Design products are outstanding at operating with minimal interference such as RF (Radio Frequency) and EMI/EMF (Electromagnetic Interference and Fields). We design so that music is heard the way the artist intended.

25 Years of Engineering, Not Marketing

Purist Audio Design's extensive research and testing gets down to the heart and soul of a product. At this most basic, yet extremely crucial, level is the raw materials. The first key is the choice of precious metals and alloys to be used for the conductors. We look at not only capacitance, inductance, and resistance, but also magnetic fields. That is why we use alloys for our conductors, rather than simple copper or silver alone for the ultimate in sonic quality and performance.

Made in the USA

We make each cable from start to finish. We like to think we have the most advanced shielding in the industry. Material treatment techniques that manufacturers are using today have been in use for years by Purist Audio Design. Yet, we keep raising the bar. Our carefully crafted designs examine the dielectric as well as shielding. We engineer, craft, and research each product from start to finish.

Products That Speak for Themselves

We don't sell boxes, we sell audio products. You are buying what is in the box, and there simply is no match for a Purist Audio Design product. Why don't you see much advertising by Purist Audio Design? Simply because the products advertise themselves.

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