PI Audio Group Power Conditioners

The BUSS-Line from PI audio group, LLC was developed as a result of many years of research in noise reduction for use in the recording industry. The design targets were easy to set, but hard to achieve. The BUSS had to be non-limiting in current, effective well down into the lower midrange of audio frequencies and be absolutely reliable. This meant the elimination of MOVs in the circuit. The UberBUSS and RevB MajikBUSS are not surge protectors. They are leading edge power filters that produce dead silent backgrounds at audio frequencies. In addition, they incorporate a Power Factor Correction section that will increase instantaneous current delivery to equipment attached to them. Dynamic contrasts are immediate and transparent. This has to be experienced to be appreciated. For those that want surge protection there is the BUSS-Stop. It is a combination of surge limiting components arranged in a manner to be as quiet as possible during operation.

UberBUSS 120-125VAC Power Filter $1095.00

Top of the standard line: 3 Pass & Seymour Commercial
Specification Grade 5362 20A ivory receptacles. Stainless Steel
coverplate. Your choice of Furutech gold plated C14 15A input connector or
Bulgin C20 inlet connector
Massive EMI/RFI filter core. Power Factor Correction network.
Premium individual after filters on each receptacle. 10.5”L x
7.125”H x 5.375”W Weight is 12 pounds.

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