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Our Mission and our Promise

We believe that the highest quality in musical reproduction is mandatory to touch our souls with the intensity of the original message contained in the music.

The ancient Greek god Orpheus was the inspiration of composers, performers and listeners, allowing them to feel the divine breath and harmony through the music they were listening to. It was believed that through these beliefs, their music would take on an air of divine manifestation.

Our mission is to make loudspeakers that can transmit the messages of today’s music, with the reverence that ancient greeks gave Orpheus. Yes we believe that their sound approaches divine manifestation!

To help our customers in this experience we use unconventional design concepts and modern materials to give you un-compromised loudspeakers rich with the best of Italian design.

Our promise is to sell only handmade products, that are true to the tenants of our design and manufacturing process. Leonardo speakers will be appreciated by the hi-fi addict, music lover and anyone else who listens to them! What you will hear will be different from what you have ever heard before, you will not need well trained ears! What you will see, will be a unique piece of furniture, a sculpture you will proudly display, rather than try to hide!


Reviews about the Leonardo Ribbon Planar Loudspeaker

New York City Audio Show - 2013
by Bruce Kinch

“Having had the base level High Fidelity Cables in my system, I did hope to hear some under show conditions. That led me to the Beauty of Sound/Laufer Teknik room, where the top line CT-1 Ultimate cables were used throughout. I don't think one can really evaluate cabling at a show, but no way they were a weak link here. The components were all new to me: Ikeda cartridge and arm from Japan, 200 lb Triangle Art Signature turntable from the US, Tube Guru electronics (phono, preamp, 14 wpc 6C33C SET amplifier, from Hungary), full range Leonardo Model 8 planar ribbon dipoles from Italy. These guys were precise and obsessive about set- up, cables off the floor, diffusers behind the speakers to disperse the back wave, Stillpoints all around, including the LPI weight on the turntable.
I may never have anything like $200K to spend on an audio system like this one, but it was a true lottery-motivating experience.”

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