Beauty Of Sound Makes A Stir at AXPONA 2012 From "Enjoy The Music"

AXPONA 2012 Show Report -- Audio Expo North America Warm winter brings cool sounds to the South Show Coverage By A. Colin Flood

Beauty Of Sound
This new vendor caused quite a stir at the show, not only for his big, square bulky loudspeakers, but also for their enticing drivers and sound. Tennis pro by day, Bill's open baffle loudspeakers sounded so good and played such compelling tunes, that I stopped in his room frequently. He said that all loudspeakers are hard to place and that he was still tweaking the weird folding side wings on his loudspeakers. Bill lit the back of his loudspeakers with a red spotlight so that the drivers were edged in a red glow. Very cool. You can see the spotlight and hinged wings in picture below. His design uses a plate amplifier below 100 Hz with only a small resistor on the tweeter to flatten the impedance curve.
5_mcintosh   154_speaker

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