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Bastanis Loudspeakers
Exclusive US Distributor

Bastanis speakers got their foothold in the DIY community, with adventurists building their own cabinets and baffles out of various types of lumber. The sky is the limit on design shapes and wood types. Baltic birch is the most popular type of wood for this project as some think it’s acoustic properties are superior to other types of wood.

The other attractive part of the Bastanis speaker is it’s open baffle design. Open baffles can create their own set of issues, but if executed correctly, can create an uncanny likeness to the live event that will have you storing your box speakers out of the way.

Leonardo Speakers

Our Mission and our Promise
We believe that high quality in musical reproduction is mandatory to touch our soul with the intensity of the original message contained in the music.
The ancient Greek religion, that is giving the name of a god to any transcendent manifestation, calls Orpheus the god that inspires composers, performers and listeners allowing them to feel the divine breath and harmony through the music. It is giving sacred dignity to the artistic manifestation and it becomes a divine manifestation.

Our mission is to make loudspeakers that can transmit this message as lively as possible, with the respect deserved by a divine manifestation. To help our customers in this experience we use unconventional design concepts and modern materials to give you uncompromised objects of top Italian design.

Our promise is to sell only what we make with care with our hand, what we love with our heart what we create with our mind; it is to sell unique objects that can be appreciated by the hi-fi addict as well as the music lover and common people. What you will hear will be really different from what you have ever heard; you will not need golden ears! What you will see will be a unique piece of furniture, a sculpture that you will proudly show to your friends instead of hiding it as much as you can.

Please set up an appointment to hear the world's greatest loudspeaker. Located in Albany, New York, just a short drive north from New York City you can hear for yourself why there is such a buzz surrounding these sleek beasts. Please call Bill at 518-852-9183 to set up an audition.