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Sound Enhancement

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The Tellus offers three dedicated ground points. This allows for up to a maximum of six ground cables to be simultaneously attached to the ground station. Until the introduction of our Silver Tellus, the Tellus was our reference product for many many years. Its ability & capacity to lower the noise floor, when used with our dedicated ground cables, can be quite incredible.

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Silver Tellus

The Silver Tellus has four dedictaed outlets and can handle up to eight devices. In addition to the enhanced design of the Silver Tellus, it also includes 30% more Silver in its specialist mineral mix. All of these advancements have resulted in a significant improvement in the effectiveness of the Silver Tellus to reduce noise in any hifi system to vanishing levels.

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Atlantis Tellus

When looking to extend the performance of our Silver Tellus we looked at developing a new product from the ground up. After extend testing we can now proudly present the Atlantis Tellus. The Atlantis Tellus has only one outlet and is more of a "supercharger" to the Silver Tellus rather than a stand alone ground box (Atlantis can not be used on its own). The Atlantis, with its 10mm solid silver connector, silver conductors, plates and all new mineral mixture - delivers exactly the solution required of our design brief : darker backgrounds, even quiter noise floor, leading to a more natural, airy detailed sound. The Atlantis should be placed on top of the Silver Tellus and connected with a special dedicated cable ( this is included with the Atlantis). For those using an entire Entreq cable loom the Atlantis also increases the capacity of Silver Tellus thus allowing more ground cables to be attached without loss or compromise of performance.

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Olympus are our new top model of the Mini Groundboxes. The weight is 9 kilo and it have one input made of silver. Olympus are primary designed for ground preamps and DAC. But it also do a very good job grounding our cables and Cleanus line. The most significant difference in performance comparing Silver Minimus is more texture and air in the low frequence. Like our other boxes it´s made of Oak, but with Olympus you can also order it in dark Oak.

Energy Transforming Equipment

Ground Boxes

For us a clean and effective ground point is one of the most important factor's in ensuring the best possible sonic platform for any hifi system!

We all generally understand the basic principles about the importance of good earthing/grounding as well as a clean feed for our electrical supply. Whether that be from the simple perspective of safety or in the case of music lovers, a pure un-interupted signal for our sensitive electronics to operate optimally.

Please call at 518-852-9183 or email us for more information....

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Olympus Tellus

Olympus Tellus have a weight of 45 kg, 6 inputs for grounding + a separate input for connection with wallsockets ground. Olympus Tellus have same sonic signature as Olympus. Deep and massive low frequence but still with air and texture

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The Minimus has only a single dedicated ground point. It's capacity is generally limited to either a couple of dedicated ground cables, to ground your equipment, or for the use with our own signal cables. This can be with our digital, USB, analogue or speaker cables. Please seek the advise of your retailer - distributor on specific applications & optimisation of our products.

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Silver Minimus

The Silver Minimus, like its sibling the Minimus, has only 1 outlet. However it encorporates the same enhancements and mineral mix as the Silver Tellus. Thus offering a signicantly more effective grounding than the standard Minimus. Even a brief exposure to the Silver Minimus will quickly validate its benefit. Whether used solely for grounding or with our cables.

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Atlantis Minimus

The Atlantis MinimUs works in the same fashion as its bigger brother the Atlantis Tellus i.e it provides a cleaner and more stable grounding platform to a current Entreq grounding box. This both boosts capacity, as well as performance, to an already established Entreq grounding system. Just like its bigger brother the Atlantis Tellus - the Atlantis MinimUs comes supplied with a short & specifically designed umbilical cable( this is included in the purchase of the Atlantis MinimUs) that allows you to connect directly on to the back of one of our dedicated grounding box's. The Atlantis MinimUs is ideally used to enhance the performance of a Silver MinimUs. The Atlantis MinimUs is not a stand alone ground box and should NOT be used in this way. Unlike other Entreq products, where experimenting is positively encouraged, both Atlantis Tellus & MinimUs should be used in a specific fashion to obtain the best results from an already established Entreq grounding system.

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Audio Magic "The Natural" Cables

The Natural line of cables include Interconnects, Power Cords, Speaker Cables and Digital Cables. This is our Statement Line and is, without question, the quietest and most musical line of cables on the planet!

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Audio Magic
Audio with a Touch of Sorcery
Conjured up from inky blackness come musical images of breathtaking clarity. An enchanting blend of tonal delicacy and raw dynamic power create a three-dimensional world of stunning harmonic accuracy played out on a soundstage of eerily realistic proportions.

The spell is cast. It must be magic... Audio Magic.

Please call at 518-852-9183 or email us for more information....

Audio Magic Black Out
Black Out is our new addition to EMI and RF reduction, this product simply gobbles up EMI and RF like nothing we have ever tried before. Black Out is a proprietary blend of 3 compounds that excel at removing noise, and is very expensive to produce. It costs $240.00 per 8 oz., which dosen't go to far and is a little expensive to the end user but oh so worth it. We have several products to address different areas of your system and the more you use them the quieter your system will become -- the changes are not subtle.

Black Out Boxes - small and large boxes can be used to set on top of equipment, transformers, etc.

Black Out Tubes - Black Out for Tubes were designed to set around tubes to remove ambient noise as well as tube emissions.

Black Out Paint - Black Out Anti Vibration and Noise Control Paint can be applied to circuit boards and their components. In fact, use your imagination to find many other uses as well!

Ah… yes the Pulse Gen ZX from Audio Magic. This is a small plastic box (1.75" x 2.75" x 1") that is to be soldered (or connected however floats your boat) to a component's internal IEC connection. That means it goes inside whatever you want, in order to hear whatever it does. I soldered alligator clips to the wire's ends (you have a good 18" or so to play with) allowing the ability to remove them for the audition (also allows for easy removal -- the ol' in and out routine to assess their affect). Besides the Cary 306 and EMM CDSE both feature slide on style connectors for the AC wiring for the IEC, so I was not about to solder something in that may not be a winner.

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Stillpoints Ultra Mini

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Stillpoints Ultra SS

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Stillpoints Ultra 5

Stillpoints are a very unique design within the audio industry. They are in short bi-directional isolation devises for your components. Stillpoints take the micro-vibrations that occur in all audio components and helps dissipate them, enhancing your audio listening experience. Each still point has no vertical path through the device, helping to eliminate those vibrations even further. Stillpoints work in the 100-nano second and down range, the most harmful and disruptive vibrations within an audio system. Experience audio resolution like never before! Music becomes more expressive and dimensional.

Please call at 518-852-9183 or email us for more information....


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Stillpoints Ultra 6

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Stillpoints Ultra 6

Stillpoints Ulta 6, the "King" of all Stillpoints; the Ultra 6 with 6 total pockets of technology. As great as the Ultra 5 is, the 6 takes the improvements to another level. Everything is vastly improved-bigger, wider soundstage; more low-end impact and a much more realized three-dimensionality that makes each recording sound that much more believable.

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Stillpoints Ultra Base

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Stillpoints Ultra LPI

Preliminary Information

Size 22” x 22” x 3 1/8” deep
Weight: 14 lbs

The standard combinations are:
- Black walnut frame with black screen
- Cherry frame with cream screen
- Light oak frame with cream screen
As a special order, the following can be provided:
- Different frame and color screen combinations
- Different wood choices
Different color screen (see below)

The front screen can also be printed with any image you desire. A removable inset panel with a Stillpoints or customer supplied image can be added to any panel for an additional cost at initial purchase or retrofitted in the future.

Also, Stillpoints supplied prints from Simon Marsh Collection are available for an additional cost. Simon Marsh Photography is on display in every issue of HiFi+ magazine. See below for examples of the Simon Marsh prints currently available (additional prints to come).

USA Retail Prices

Standard Apertures
$650 for all standard Apertures and any combination of standard frame colors and standard screen colors. (i.e. Cherry with black screen). Stock products.

Add Your Own Artwork Apertures
The permanent internal screen can be printed with your custom high resolution files for $185 extra.
The removable external screen can be printed with your custom high resolution files for $225 extra.

Simon Marsh Collection Apertures
Any of the Simon Marsh Collection prints, shown below, may be purchased in either of 2 ways:
Permanent internal placement: $185 extra
Removable external placement $225 extra

Stillpoints Aperture Room Treatment
Still points Aperture are room acoustics panels that are placed strategically in the listening room. They make your wall virtually disappear with a far greater degree of resolution and layering of the soundstage.

Please call at 518-852-9183 or email us for more information....

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Synergistic Research HFT & FEQ
(high frequency transducers & frequency equalizers)

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HFT Placement Example 1
(there are multiple placement options depending on your needs)

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HFT Placement Example 2
(there are multiple placement options depending on your needs)

Synergistic Research HFT's

- Tunes acoustics, chassis and speaker cabinet resonance
- Expands soundstage height, width and depth
- Extends & clarifies high frequencies
- Dramatically improves low freq. extension / bass control
- Lowers noise floor for improved inner detail & micro dynamics
- Significantly improves all aspects of system performance
- Sold with an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee

Synergistic Research
At Synergistic Research we focus on a total system approach to create synergy in your system. All aspects of performance are taken into account and because there's more to synergy than just cables, we've developed some of the world's most innovative solutions like our PowerCell line conditioners and Acoustic ART room treatments and MiG resonance control footers. Of course audio cable and power cords are one of the biggest contributors to system performance second only to room acoustics so we pioneered several ground breaking technologies like Active Shielding with air dielectrics and custom tunable cables with Enigma Tuning Circuits to get you closer to the music than ever before.

Please call at 518-852-9183 or email us for more information....

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Tranquility Base XL, Tranquility Base & Tranquility bāsik
- Actively improves the performance of any component placed atop a Tranquility Base
- Allows common furniture to perform like the best audiophile grade furniture
- Improves state-of-the-art isolation racks significantly
- A game changer for modest components transforming them to near state-of-the-art
- Transforms state-of-the-art components dramatically. This has to be heard to be believed
- Easily auditioned and demonstrated with repeatable results
- Improves audio AND video
- Cost effective
- Outperforms state-of-the-art $10,000+ isolation platforms and racks
- Delivers game changing performance to common non audio furniture
- A significant upgrade when paired with the best isolation racks and platforms
- Tranquility Base XL is a direct replacement for shelves on large Grand Prix racks and amp stands