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Amplifiers & PreAmps

Tubeguru Electronics
Exclusive US Distributor

Handcrafted electronics made by brilliant engineers from the legendary Siemens / Telefunken facilities. These beautiful music-making devices are designed with painstaking attention to detail, with lifelike musical reproduction the only goal in mind. All amplifiers use point-to-point wiring and are made one by one.

All single ended designs operate in pure class (A) with full wave class (A) valve rectification. Custom built, fully discreet proprietary circuit designs with proprietary dual C-Core French alloy (AG optional) transformer platforms. All amplifiers use custom, proprietary output transformer windings, which lead to the outstanding transparency and highly resolving sound.

Tonearm and turntable designer Robert Fuchs wrote to me in an email: “The Tubuguru amps are great; you will see and hear it. I use the Tubeguru phono stages for demonstrating my turntables and tonearms. I’ve heard a lot of different phono stages before and the Tubeguru stage is simply the best I’ve ever heard. The sound is very clear and strong, with extremely low noise. You can hear all the details of your records. For me it was a big advantage that I can use four tonearms at the same time. You can switch without loss of sound. Wait until you will receive it and you will see what great tube amps and tube phono stages these are.”

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